2023.8.8 ~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
Opening in      Days.
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1. Luxury Booth (3mx3m=9/m2)   3200 USD/booth (Add 10% fees for double-open booth)

Notice: 3mx3m=9m(Including three white boards (2.5m height) , one cabinet, one glass round table with 4 chairs, one bar chair, one 500W outlet, 2 long beam spotlight, facial broad(both Chinese and English) , one waste bin, carpet)

2. Standard Booth (3mx3m=9/m2)   2,800 USD/booth (Add 10% fees for double-open booth)

Notice: 3mx3m=9m2(Including three white boards(2.5m height), a table, two chairs, 2 daylight lamp, door lintel(both Chinese and English), one garbage, carpet)


3. Raw Space    280 USD/ m2

Notice:Rental area: at least 36m2

Add additional management fees: RMB 50 Yuan/ m2



Guangzhou, China
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