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Lithium Battery Devices Increase with an Average Rate of over 30%

Date:2017-04-26 13:04:59

In 2016, the new energy vehicle sales annually grew by 86% to 329 thousand sets. And the lithium battery sector had seen positive development in 2016, the detailed growth could be figured out as follows.

Sector Production Capacity Annual Growth Rate Production Value(¥)
lithium battery 70Gwh 48% 9.2 billion
power lithium battery    28.8GWh 81% 8.5 billion 


Owing to the robust development of domestic new energy auto industry, the power lithium battery sector has been an integral part of lithium battery. It is predicted that about 750 thousand new energy vehicles will be produced in 2017. The new energy auto industry is much likely to remain the emerging one in the next ten years. The domestic lithium battery devices will increase in 5 years with an average growth of more than 30% while the power lithium battery devices by 2020 will reach 35 billion yuan.

Why China’s Lithium Battery Devices?

Regardless of the high technology of Japan or South Korea, made-in-China devices are superior to them on the competitive price and premium service. Chinese lithium battery devices could save 1/3 to 1/2 cost compared with that of Japan or South Korea. For instance, The imported coating machine costs 1.5 million yuan per set while the domestic one costs only 5 million yuan. About 70% of China’s lithium battery devices of medium and low-end have been localized. Considering to the premium service, the majority of lithium battery devices are high-speed processing machines and prompt solutions could be conducted tailored to the processing problems.
Leading Manufacturers Benefit from the Explosive Development
China is the main market for new energy vehicles while the lithium battery devices will go through a serious decrease after the investment rush. But the global new energy auto industry is in the initial stage to have an explosive growth. The world’s leading auto brand, Tesla has exceeded 500 thousand set on the MODEL3 new energy vehicle and its demand for lithium battery increase more than 35GWh. Please also note that other distinguished auto magnets such as Volkswagen, GM, BMW are expected to enlarge their markets on the new energy vehicles along with the increasing reduction of battery cost. In brief, the battery supply in China still has tremendous development space.
Irresistible Prosperity Backed by Policies
China has the world's most aggressive electric car goals. Communist leaders are promoting them to clean up smog-choked cities and in hopes of taking the lead in an emerging technology. Taking the supportive promotion policies on auto and battery manufacturing businesses into account, the downstream battery industries will under the spotlight to develop. Undoubtedly, the small manufacturers and enterprises of low-end technology will be knocked out or acquired. So to speak, the big battery device manufacturers stand a good chance to benefit from the trend and develop stronger with higher growth rate. 
Leading Business Platform For Lithium Battery Industry
To beef up the integration of lithium battery industries all over the world, Asia Guangzhou Battery Sourcing Fair 2017 (GBF2017) comes to being. As China’s well-known battery fair, GBF has been dedicating to render valuable and effective  news for the industry insiders, creating a trading platform for them to have deep exchanges and communications.
More info, please stay tuned to http://www.battery-expo.com/index.php?lang=en or contact Aileen Chen via Aileen2017@yeah.net or 86-20-29806525
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