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China Taking the Lead in Global's Lithium Battery Production Volume by 2020

Date:2017-04-24 10:04:48
Synopsis: The booming demand for power lithium battery is greatly driven by the increasing growth of new energy autos. Predicted by SPIR, the shipment of global lithium battery by 2020 will hit 232.7GWH, among which the power lithium battery of 140.2GWH. It is estimated to reach 170.55GWH of the lithium-ion battery market in China and 125.5GWH of power lithium battery.
China is now claiming to the be the leading power in lithium battery sector all around the world. Proportion of global lithium battery production capacity by 2020 could be well illustrated as the chart below.
But who is the Mr. Big in China’s lithium battery sector?
For now, the five leading enterprises which are respectively the BYD, CATL, Optimum Nano, Guoxian High-Tech, LISHEN domain the first echelon, with more than twice production capacity than the second echelon. Take the annual production capacity in 2016 as an example, the shipment of these five businesses exceeded 20GWH, taking up more than 70% of the China’s while power lithium battery.
2020 Production Capacity Program of Power Battery Enterprises of First Echelon
Company Estimated Capacity by 2020
BYD three times than 2015
CATL increase by 50GWH
Optimum Nano increase by 50GWH
Guoxuan High-Tech 6 billion AH
As per the new subsidy policy issued at the end of 2016, Much higher standard and require were set for the new energy auto technology. In such context, the enterprises featured with low-end product and out-of-date production technique will be probably eliminated in 2017 if without a far-reaching reform. Under the pressure of  marketing and policy, the power lithium battery enterprises has been enlarging their production capacity in recent two years, striving to survive. For instance, the large enterprises including BYD, CATL, Guoxian High-Tech, etc., get down to the production expansion planning. By virtue of their advantages in technology and market power, the first echelon enterprises are much likely to take the lead of the market.
Welcome China’s Leading Battery Trade Platform-GBF Asia
As a leading trade fair on global battery industry, Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF Asia) is hailed as one of the top brand exhibitions receiving the key support and government subsidy of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province. With a determined aim, the trading and technical exchange of battery, energy storage industry are well advanced along with the great promotion of new technology & new equipment of battery in GBF Asia. 
The upcoming GBF Asia2017 is looking forward to your attendance!
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