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Date:2017-09-20 16:09:44

Ministry of industry and information of P.R.C has announced their study on forbidden fuel vehicle timetable, which means a new era of new energy vehicle is on the way. Among which, Li-ion battery material as a key part for new energy embraces a booming market.
Marketing Promotion for New Energy Vehicle 
 In China, China’s new energy vehicle market has seen a robust growth in recent years. Compared to the previous years, 53% growth of sales and more than 50% car ownership had made in 2016.

Based on the statistics released by China Association of Automobile Manufactures(CAAM), the sales of new energy vehicles in 2016 in China grew by 53% to 507,000 while that of pure electric vehicles increased by 65.1% to 409,000. From this Jan. - July, domestic sale of new energy vehicles soared to 251,000 with a year-on-year growth of 21.5%.
Mr. Dong Yang, the VP of CAAM declared on Aug. 31 that more than 1 million new energy vehicles have been produced with an annual growth of above 200%.
Concerning the timetable on forbidden of fuel vehicles, China is never alone to make it. Developed countries like UK, France has already mapped out the timetable of the forbidden of gasoline vehicle while Germany and India set the goal in 2030 and Netherlands, Norway in 2015.
In the next decades, new energy vehicles will gradually take the place of fuel vehicles. The sales growth of new energy vehicles is expected to jump by 25 times in next ten years. In a short span of time, support policies on this sector will facilitate the popularity as well as the market demand.
 Even though the timetable for forbidden of fuel vehicles is yet to confirm, the overwhelming momentum for new energy vehicle is very encouraging and promising.
Li-ion Battery Material to a New Level

Li-ion battery material market will be enlarged along with the beneficial policies like forbidden sale or purchase subsidy. According to ZhongTai Securities, the vehicle sales in China take over one third of the total across the globe. Once the forbidden sales come into force, global Li-ion battery material market will be also stimulated to a new level never before.

By 2020, China is probable to fulfill the output goal of 2 million new energy vehicles. Predictably, the output of lithium carbonate, cobalt, copper foil and magnetic material will respectively amount to 3.79 million, 850 thousand, 4.81 million, 630 thousand tons with year-on-year growth of 40 times, 14 times, 81 times and 5 times.
Moreover, the localization rate for Li-ion battery materials is bound to soar. In 2016, about 275 million fuel vehicles and 500 thousand new energy vehicles sold in China were mostly manufactured locally. 
Considering the increasing level of manufacturing technology and service in China, domestic Li-ion battery market is poised to prosper and new energy vehicle market is capable to take the place of fuel vehicle market.
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