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Energy Storage Battery: Technology Blossoms, Market Booms

Date:2017-09-07 16:09:16

In the face of climate warming and rising sea levels, ecological and environmental protection bandwagon makes waves, and people becomes more and more concerned about the use of clean energy. In this context, the energy storage industry has caught the eyes of people and developed rapidly.
Energy storage industry springs up to a new level and the energy storage battery gains great momentum. The popularization of energy storage technology is based on the storage battery to some extent, and lithium battery is the most familiar one. Though the Li-ion battery has a strong lead in market, the technological outlook of graphene, vanadium battery, lead-carbon battery and other kinds of batteries looks poised to catch up with Li-ions.
According to the public data, the project construction of China's energy storage pilot project has not been fully commercialized, but it has achieved outstanding achievements. In the process of guiding the development of energy storage industry, a series of policies and supports power the market in a theoretical and practical way. The market of Li-ion battery then has ushered in a robust development. In 2016, the new projects carried out took account for 60% of the total ones.

The lithium battery obviously occupies the energy storage market greatly. Nonetheless, it would never be the mere growth point along with the mounting battery technology. In recent years, graphene titled as the King of New Material somehow shows its charming and is in the ascendent. Not a few experts hold the views that the large-scale application for graphene is probable to drive forward the transformation of energy storage battery.

Graphene boasts advantages like good electrical conductivity and high electron mobility. It is studies that the energy storage volume of it is about three times larger than the traditional batteries. While applied in the electric vehicles, graphene-based battery is able to improve the charging efficiency and the battery life seriously. Once the test succeeds, the energy storage battery may see a watershed either in technology or market.
Meanwhile, the vanadium redox battery as a rising star in battery field has been favored by many capitalists. From the perspective of its features, vanadium redox battery is credited with reliable safety and low pollution. China’s storage volume for vanadium tops the rank all over the world. Under this background, the development of vanadium redox battery shares an unrivaled advantage.

Talking about the lead-carbon battery, it differs from other types of batteries because it combines the high energy density of a battery and the high specific power of a supercapacitor in a single low-cost device. With its fast recharge, longer cycle life, and other merits, the lead-carbon battery is a stunning substitute to the lead-acid battery.
At present, the number of merchants engaging in the energy storage battery business soars. It is reported that Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd profited the revenue of approximately 800 million yuan according to its Semiannual Report 2017, while its gross margin exceeded more than 120% compared to last year. Among which the revenue growth for energy storage batteries was up by 130%. Great Power is projected to be much involved in the overseas markets in the new few years to come.
Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co.,Ltd has also made crowning success in it main business, energy storage battery. In the first half of 2017, its power battery revenue increased by more than 50%. Sacred Sun dedicates to speed up the construction and development of power battery projects that center on the long lifespan and technology, service.
Energy storage battery is quite a mature market but sparkling the new vibe. As the ongoing promotion for lithium battery, vanadium redox battery, graphene, lead-carbon battery and others, the energy storage battery industry is much likely to have a new development.

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