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The Ternary Lithium Battery is Widely Used in Electric Cargo Vehicles

Date:2017-06-28 10:06:19

                                 The Ternary Lithium Battery is Widely Used in Electric Cargo Vehicles
                                                                             By GBF ASIA Committee
The National political climate is conducive to the promotion on the electric cargo van in 2017, an estimated of a much great increment than the circumstance in last year.
Ternary lithium battery plays a vital role in the electric cargo vehicles
The fifth batch of "New Energy Vehicle Promotion on Application Recommended Catalogue" issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, a total of 91 electric special vehicles were selected, in which mainly consist of electric cargo van with the number up to 79, accounting for 87% . The national backup of the development of electric cargo van further stimulates the demand reliance on the ternary lithium battery.
Ternary lithium battery plays a vital role in battery set of electric cargo van. It is recorded that an entire of 312 ternary lithium battery vehicles of the 464 new energy vehicles in history accumulation, accounting for 67.24%; In a whole of 203 new energy passenger vehicles, the total amount of vehicles equipped with the ternary lithium battery is 140, which accounts for 68.96%.
As the ternary lithium Battery is becoming mainstream in China, the charging ability and battery energy density system of the selected new energy vehicles have been largely improved. According to the statistics, in the fifth batch of catalogs, the charging mileage of all electric vehicles is concentrated in 200km to 300km, with 52 of them, occurring 57.14%. There are 11 models in the fifth batch over 300 km (up to 385km), reaching 12.09%. When it comes to the battery energy density, there are 57 models of vehicles battery energy density around 100WH/Kg to 120WH/Kg, and also 25 models with over 120Wh/kg.
E-commerce and The logistics industry welcome the electric cargo van
China’s government encourages E-commerce and the logistics industry to equip with electric vehicles, while in responding to the national call, many top brands are likely to use electric vehicles.
Qiangdong Liu, the president of recently states that after several years cooperation with other car manufacturers at home and abroad, the research on the application of electric cargo vehicles has achieved a breakthrough.
As for the logistics industry, plenty of logistics enterprises have decided to purchase and apply with the electric cargo van.
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry, and national support, the electric cargo vehicles would hit a peak wave in the near future. If you plan to tap China’s market and launch your business now, GBF ASIA 2017 is hailed as one of the Must-Attend exhibitions in the industry. Go registration now, do not miss your chance to blow.

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